Grant- Director

My nickname is Granny, I like to be competitive and the best at everything I do. I enjoy playing the flute in my spare time I love playing football and going to the gym.




David- Director

I am loud and outgoing. I am addicted to breaking bad, rubbish at computer games and hate any kind of sport, apart fromHorse riding.  I love my job and strive for the best




Steve- Male Stylist

I’m a jolly and upbeat person, I enjoy a pint or two at the weekend, disco’s and fine dining with( Jason). I’m quite OCD and like everything to be on the mark!




Amy-  Stylist

I am the newest member of the team. In my spare time I like swimming and socializing with my friends. I won the Cooper And Taylor Hairshow 2012, coming first out of 24 level 3 stylists across Nottingham and since then I am very competitive.




Shannon –  Assistant

“I am the youngest member of the team and I aspire to be a successful hair stylist. I enjoy boxing and keeping fit in my spare time.”




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